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Who we are

For 11 years, Chemin has been working to rescue and guarantee a dignified life for boy victims of the Talibé phenomenon in Senegal.

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Shelter, Support, Education and Love.

Our mission is to provide shelter, support, quality education, love and prospects of dignity and fullness of life to children and adolescents who are victims of the phenomenon. For this reason, we offer everything from basic needs, such as food, housing and education, to psychosocial and professional activities, to ensure a full life for them.


The methodology we apply in running our institution is based on holistic support for foster children, with a focus on education. We understand that this is the main contribution we can make to end the cycle of misery that has accompanied the history of Senegal since its colonization.


About 46% of the Senegalese population lives below the poverty level and life expectancy is below that of most of the world's population. In this way, the support and care for Senegalese children/adolescents also benefits their families, who end up being better able to meet their basic needs.


Since 2011, we have rescued and welcomed 25 boys, offering accommodation, food, health, education, leisure and sports. In addition, we promote psychosocial and professional training activities. 

Arrival at

When a group of Brazilians sent to Senegal to study the situation of the Talibés boys decided to set up a social project to tackle this problem.


After four successful years, the founders of the first version of Chemin decided to close down. However, Edmilson, one of the members of the initial group, due to his involvement with the cause, decided to continue the project.


Chemin du Futur went through many difficulties during its history, but always counting on the determination of its founder in Brazil and the Senegalese team in loco. In 2015, the project was sponsored by the InstitutionFraternity Without Borders, which boosted the work and gives us the opportunity to maintain and expand our work. 


Completing 10 years of Senegalese experience in 2021, our institution is betting on the next decade with the Brazilian administrative arm of Chemin du Futur, with the aim of expanding opportunities not only for the institution, but mainly for our boys._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

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